Thought Canvas is an effort towards creating an environment where children give expression to their thoughts and imaginations by creating or building things.

Time and again it has been proved that humans don’t even use their brains to half its full capacity! The part that is under-utilized or not used at all in majority of adult humans is the ‘Right Brain’. The part of brain which helped great scientists, astronomers, artists, designers or doctors think differently – what we call ‘out of the box thinking’ or ‘lateral thinking’. Sadly present education system as well as most of the available activities to children do not help them in developing there right brain neurons and as they grow to be adults, they are almost always using only their left brains.

Our Vision is to develop activities which help develop the right brain in those crucial early years of childhood. Thus we move ahead with thought canvas to promote –

“Right Things For The Right Brain”

We promote activities that helps develop the Right brain, spurring imagination and helping catalyze application of one’s ideas and thoughts, with the potential of also being an immense source of joy, providing a sense of achievement, giving children confidence in their ability to do something on their own.

One of our initiatives has been to promote children to write their own books, a wonderful open-ended activity to express their thoughts and feelings. Please see our online library of these books “For Children, By Children”!!

If you like the idea, join us in this movement! We are just a phone-call away!

Megha Agarawal Maheshwari

Megha is a designer by profession and an artist by heart. She has studied Masters of Design from IIT Bombay and Bachelors of Fine Arts from Rajasthan University. She has immense experience in conducting developmental activities for children and has been taking workshops in Mumbai and Pune before shifting to Ahmedabad. In addition, she has experience of working as a radio jockey, creative assistant at MTV and runs her own social venture Crafting Nuru Schools and Trades involved in the space of design education of craftsmen. She was also involved in a research project at IIM Ahmedabad.

Working with and designing for children is her passion. Leaving her comfortable corporate job in Mumbai, she is determined to take Thought Canvas and its vision to children and parents in all parts of the country!


Amber Maheshwari

Amber has done his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and B.Tech from IIT Kanpur. He has four years of rich experience in finance and management consulting, having worked at Deutsche Bank and The Boston Consulting Group, a leading global strategy consulting firm. He is interested in finding innovative solutions to fill the gaps in child development that exist in today’s education system in India.


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Thought Canvas Creativity Studio, located in Ahmedabad, is our laboratory where new ideas and methodology are tested and refined, providing the children of Ahmedabad a place to experience new things. The aim is to provide courses and workshops to children which bring in innovative content and pedagogy developed through extensive research and study.

Short-term workshops are focussed on creative exercises, open-ended in nature that help children express themselves in different ways. These are carefully designed by us and are unique, first-of-its-kind.

Long term courses include: Art Lab, Design Lab, Reading & Communication for children of Grade 2-7.

Reach out to us to know more and look up upcoming activities.

We also run a Creative Mom’s Club at the Studio where mothers are exposed to the basics of child psychology and also educated and trained on activities and exercises they can do with their children at home to foster a spirit of creativity and innovation in them from a very young age. After all, “Creative Moms make Creative Children!”

We are grateful to a number of people who have been mentoring us and supporting us in this journey through their pearls of wisdom. We will add more details soon.

We would like to express gratitude to organizations that have been both a support and an inspiration to us.

Kanoria Centre for Arts: The hub of artistic activities in Ahmedabad for all ages and a great inspiration as we aim to spread the spirit of creativity